Our story

QURC. is an Amsterdam-based fashion label, established in 2019. 

When it comes to mid and high-end sneakers, we experienced a gap between environmentally aware brands and the established elite. Despite the influx of vegan and sustainable fashion labels, none could quite measure up to the bigger brands in terms of style and quality. Moreover, many vegan labels carried a somewhat drowsyreputation.

We were puzzled by the negative taboo surrounding vegan fashion and what struck us even more was the absence of sustainable sneakers crafted from natural materials. Especially given the range of sustainable ingredients nature has to offer.

Our bewilderment resulted in a paradigm shift. Choosing not to follow the conventional path of lab-grown alternatives laden with plastics, we turned our attention to the timeless elegance found in nature. Embracing the exquisite textures of cork and the organic charm of grape residues, we forged a unique path toward sustainable luxury.

In a world inundated with synthetic substitutes, our commitment to authenticity led us to create sneakers that not only defy the status quo but elevate it. We work with the most talented and invested artisans in the North of Portugal and work mostly with products that find their origin in Europe. Guided by a minimalistic philosophy, our goal is to craft timeless essentials suitable for every occasion.



Sustainable, vegan and handmade products is how we roll. All our raw materials are ethically sourced, cruelty free and find their origin mostly in nature. Our sneakers are made by the most talented artisans in a small factory in the north of Portugal. They maintain an extremely high standard of ethics and pay their employees fairly.