Grape Leather: A Compassionate and Sustainable Alternative


Grape Leather, our vegan alternative to animal leather, is a breakthrough biomaterial crafted by VEGEA, a pioneering company dedicated to sustainability and innovation. Sourced from agricultural waste in the wineries of Northern Italy, our Grape Leather offers a soft and versatile solution in terms of both technical and aesthetic properties, including thickness, finishing, and texture.

Crafting Grape Leather with Purpose:

VEGEA, the biomaterials company behind our Grape Leather, utilizes repurposed grape waste – encompassing pulp, seeds, skin, and stems – from Italian wineries. This innovative approach transforms agricultural by-products into a luxurious, cruelty-free alternative to traditional animal leather, steering clear of the environmentally impactful practices associated with conventional leather production.

Sustainable Production and Certification:

The Grape Leather used in our collections adheres to the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and features a recycled cotton backing. It incorporates water-based polyurethane, reducing our reliance on virgin materials by utilizing recycled inputs. The production process is solvent-free, metal-free, and devoid of dangerous substances harmful to both humans and the environment.


Production Process:

Step 1: Source grape residues from wineries

Hailing from Italy, the birthplace of artistry, Grape Leather production begins in Northern Italian vineyards. Grape waste, encompassing pulp, seeds, skin, and stems are sourced from wineries across Italy.  These are the leftovers from their winemaking process.

Step 2: Extract bio oils

We then extract bio-oil from the grape seeds, drie the other grape materials, and then polymerize (waterbased) all the grape residues.

Step 3: Add natural fibers

The bio-oils and dried grape residues are combined with natural fibers, which results in a soft, textured, plant-based material.

Step 4: Our sneakers

We believe that the essence of sustainability can be found in naturally sourced materials. Vegea grape leather embodies this philosophy. We proudly use this top of the art material to create sustainable and timeless pieces for every occasion.

Why We Advocate for Grape Leather:

We strive to find alternatives to leather in nature. Grape Leather represents a move away from environmentally harmful practices, associated with the traditional leather industry, advocating for a more compassionate and sustainable future. By localizing the production supply chain, we also minimize its environmental footprint.

As a brand committed to find sustainable natural alternatives, we invite you to explore our Grape Leather collection and join us in making conscious choices while making use of the finest products nature has to offer.